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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Worry Duty

I just got summoned for Jury Duty. That's cool, except it's smack in the middle of my rehearsals for Fuddy Meers, my next play (I'm the Limping Man, a role I can't wait to tackle). I've never done this jury duty thing, and I dunno if it'll be a conflict or not. All I know about jury duty I learned from the movies. Will I be sequestered? That'd be fun, except for the "missing my play" part.

I'm sure it won't be a problem, but that won't stop me from fretting.

* * *

Last night I was at the laundromat doing the towels, when a friendly and lovely woman whom I knew from another show talked to me. It was a pleasant conversation but I realized afterward that any red-blooded het man would have, y'know, asked her out in my position (single, attracted, interested). We even talked about upcoming plays, and I didn't think to ask her to any of them. How did I get so deflected from The Pursuit of Happiness?

Maybe I just felt awkward because it was laundry day, and I wasn't exactly dressed to impress. I was wearing the same t-shirt I've been exercising in for the past week, so I probably smelled a little too much like a red-blooded het man. On the other hand, she approached me. Maybe the pheromes drew her. If I took my shoes off she might have proposed.


Diane said...

Hi Aaron. If your jury duty experience is anything like mine, take a good, long book with you because you'll mainly be sitting and reading for three days. I served from Monday to Wednesday and was only called as a potential juror for a civil case on Monday (I got struck--wow, that sounds violent). On Tuesday and Wednesday, I wasn't called again, so I just sat and read, though I enjoyed 2- to 3-hour lunch breaks (perfect if you want to make use of the library or the art museum). I was lucky enough to have a close friend working downtown, so we had lunch together.

If you really think this will cause a big problem with your rehearsals, I'd call and try to see if they will excuse you this time. If you try this ahead of time, you *might* have a shot of getting out. The first thing they do on the first day of jury duty is call people who want to be excused up to the front, where they have to give their excuses to judges--good luck getting off if you wait until then.

And, since you asked--well, now it's obvious that I'm one of your readers.

Jonathan said...

Don't worry about the jury duty. Even if you get on a jury, it's very unlikely that you'd be sequestered (only happens in some high profile cases). And, judges and lawyers don't really like to work, so you'd be done by about 4 or 5 every day.