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Monday, May 07, 2007

Stinko De Mayo

Went to a Cinco De Mayo/Graduation party, hosted by The Alabama Sister in honor of her boyfriend finally escaping from UAB with a fancy college dee-ploma. Had a good time, saw some folks I love, saw some folks who were unpleasantly surprised to see me there, drank my weight in sangria. I could barely move Sunday. This is what weekends used to be like. Big ups to The Alabama Sis and her eddicated boyfriend!

Alucarda is the movie of the week! If you like gonzo Gothic, put this gruesome tale of devil-possessed orphans running riot through a nunnery in your queue. I want them to remake it and let me play every role in the film. The bad seed title character, the hapless blind girl who gets knocked down the stairs, the gypsy fortune teller who turns out to be SATAN, the rational scientist who discovers how wrong he is for dissing Christianity, the flagellant nuns, the scowling priest who saves girls by exorcising them... TO DEATH, the undead naked schoolgirl rising from a coffin full of blood. I covet all these roles.

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