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Friday, May 25, 2007

Star Lord Vs. God

Today I got nothing, so I'll cross-post something I wrote on a nerdy message board.

When I was in junior high I bought some old Marvel black and white SF magazine. I think it was titled Star Lord or something equally dopey; it included a Harlan Ellison rant about the evils of calling science fiction "sci-fi." Anyway, it had a few panels of a topless woman. I'd never owned such hot stuff! Then I went to a church camp; I don't remember what they actually told us that inspired this action, but I came back from camp, picked up the magazine, put it in my wastebasket, and intoned, "In the name of Jesus, I command you to BURN."

I honestly thought it would work. I'd planned this midway through the weeklong camp; I was so upset about my sin (owning and enjoying a mildly smutty comic) and so pumped up about God's power to work in our lives that I honestly believed God would make this comic burst into flames, proving His power over evil.

But whaddayaknow, folks; Star Lord wouldn't burn, so I just threw it out. I learned that God's miracles aren't available on demand.

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