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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Huffing Greasepaint Fumes

Over the weekend, I got a bunch of hugs and kind words from folks I know. This is what happens at (and especially after) plays when one's social life revolves around community theatre. Then the work week started, and I find I'm all antsy because the validation felt so good, and now it's over until next time. Next time may be this weekend, though, since I've got more plays to see. In fact there'll be something to see, theatre-wise, for at least the next few weeks. And when Fuddy Meers opens in July I'll be onstage for the first time this year, excepting the cabaret. Some people do theatre for the applause; I do it for the hugs.

I'm about two-thirds of the way through L'Avventura, and it's safe to say Antonioni couldn't have made films more perfectly attuned to my mindset if he'd had a biopsy of my brain for reference. I'll have more to say when I'm finished, of course. I'm watching it in parts because by the time I settle in to watch a movie, it's bedtime. I realized that I could watch a movie in doses when I finally tackled Gone With The Wind. It works just fine as a miniseries, and I watched it over a week. I'd be sick if I watched it all in one day. Ever since, I tend to watch movies in chunks over a few days. Gives me room to manuveur, instead of having to set aside big chunks of time for movies. Besides, most movies wake you up every five minutes, but with L'Avventura you're on your own for staying awake. Not that it's boring, but it won't jar you awake.

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