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Monday, May 14, 2007

Second Post of the Day: Uh-Oh, there I go, thinkin' about Mars again.

One idea that's very sexy to a lot of science and science-fiction nerds is the idea of terraforming Mars to make it like Earth. It's been the subject of various beloved SF novels over the last decade or so. Has anyone considered terraforming Earth to make it like Mars?


FLT3 said...

Hey, Aaron:

Just confirming that I do read your blog (and enjoy it!) I am tempted to get a counter for mine, but I'm afraid I'd be really disappointed at how few of my missives are ever really read... hee hee hee. :-)


Aaron White said...

Ever since getting the site meter I've been regretting that I chose a blog title with "touch me" in it. Some of the Google searches that land folks here ("Don't touch me there daddy" for one) depress me.