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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Flick update

Just a quick post to mention two films I started last night:

The Holy Mountain, written and directed by Alexandro Jodorowski. In two words: Peyote Fellini.

I watched the first half-hour of it last night. I saw it about a decade ago, and somehow my callower self didn't grasp just how Mexican it is; the first twenty minutes, excluding an odd haircut, is a spoof of modern Mexico; as a young'un I just thought it was ungrounded surrealism. I missed the social commentary completely.

The first 15 minutes of The Sacrifice by Tarkovsky. A gentle philosophical discussion, in one long shot (once you get past the credits). Much as I dig Holy Mountain's non-stop groovy eye candy, I think I'm gonna like this one a little better. Long, slow, boring talkathons seem to zing my string lately. Fools give you reasons; wise men never try.


Diane said...

I'm hoping to hear your thoughts on The Sacrifice when you're done.

Aaron White said...

I doubt you'll hear my thoughts, but you'll probably read them. As usual it'll take me a while to watch it, and if the part I've watched is any indication it'll take me awhile longer to process it. But I'll keep you posted!