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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm so bored that I'm posting a second time today

When I start rehearsing my next show I'll probably stop fixating on this durn blog. It's all about leaving my stain on the world, through one medium or another...

Anyway, if I ever start a punk band I'm naming it Car Bomb Footprint. If I ever become a rapper it'll be as MC Everythingz A $. If I ever become a DJ it'll be DJ Chillable Red, after the most Kool-Aidish boxed wine I ever swilled down, back when I drank boxed wine. Eechh! Once I brought a box of wine to a cast party; the host of the party had all this classy bottled wine, and when I waddled in my chum Tom the hillbilly homosexual said "Where's The Box?" He said it like that, with capital letters implied in his enunciation. He knew I was bringing a box, and was so excited. We swilled that trash down, with these bottles staring at us in dismay. Water seeks its own level, and so do drunks with unrefined palates. Tom finally took the bag out of the box and squeezed it dry. At least I think he did. Maybe I just dreamed it.

Ah, those were the great cast parties. Drinking awful wine and snubbing the good stuff. Why is this such a fond memory?

Sadly I can think of other boxed-wine anecdotes, but I shudder to think my 5 readers a day might come to think of me as King of Boxed Wine.

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