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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Last night I saw a very poor stand-up comedy show which I attended on the grounds that performers I like would be in the show, and people I like would be in the audience. The later statement proved to be true, but not the former. I had no choice but to drink a lot in order to stave off bad-live-comedy depression, but all my friends in the place have apparently joined the Birmingham Temperance League, because they turned down my post-show drinks-for-companionship exchange offer and split outta there almost immediately.

I have no desire to be unduely harsh towards people who do bad comedy, since I have been one of those people on many occasions. Still, experience shows that negative reenforcement inspires the good to get better and the bad to find something else to do, something at which they are not bad. Bogus positive reenforcement keeps people bad. I think the guys from the show felt the negative vibes and if they're truthful with themselves they will do something about it. I won't be at the next show, though.

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