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Friday, September 23, 2005

A few years ago I had a dream in which I was a very, very old and sick man in a hospital bed. I had tubes and wires stuck up my nose, in my arm, and one of those beeping machines that show your heart's beating. I realized that my life was going to end soon, and I screamed "I don't wanna die!" over and over. I woke up weeping and moaning "I don't wanna die." It had never occured to me before, but I realized that it was true. It is true. I don't want to die; life is too sweet, and the inevitability of death, coupled with the likelihood that there is no afterlife, fills me with a horror I've never known before. Furthermore, my parents recently went on a long vacation and dropped out of contact for months; during that time I realized that once we are seperated by death, that's it. We will be seperated forever. I'd understood for years that the afterlife is a faerytale, but the full ramifications of that are only now appearing to me.

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FLT3 said...

Hey, Aaron:

Just found your blog...I hope we can still be friends, even though I did direct the shitty 60's-era "Twelfth Night." I enjoy your writing and would like to be counted among the folks you like...I am not an artistically elevated sort, but more of an "embrace pop culture and satisfy the masses" sort of artist. If nothing else, I hope my work makes someone smile...

Enough of that claptrap...I really admire you and hope you feel the same way. You're a fine actor and a wonderful writer. See ya soon!


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Aaron White said...

Hi Frank! Sorry if you got the impression that I didn't respect your work on the show; on the contrary, I started out really apprehensive but wound up thinking it was the most fun I've had in a show in a long time! I remember sitting around with some other cast members talking about all the jokes you came up with for the show that we thought would stiff, and how in fact they got a big laugh every single night. And from the audience I though Jekyll and Hyde was a smashing production, so don't for a minute think I don't like your work!