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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Today I went for my evening constitutional (a.k.a. waddle around the neighbourhood) when who should pass me but Jennifer W. , the props and art production guru on Modest Proposal, the short film I'm in that apparently won some minor award at the Sidewalk Film Fest. Apparently both she and Sam F., the author and director of MP, live in town. I'm not sure why this makes me nervous...

Anyway tomorrow I'm driving to Nashville to see my family for my 32nd birthday. I'm afraid I'm gonna start whining about aging and death to them and they'll have to smack me down. Not that they've ever smacked me, but there's a first time for everything. Worse yet they might make me talk to their preacher, who is a nicc guy but tends to irk me...Remember when that surfer girl got her arm bit off by a shark? He claimed in a sermon that it was because human sin had bolloxed the world. Oh really? She got bit because I was on the other side of the continent watching Sorority Girl Pillow Fight? Are you sure it wasn't because sharks are hungry and surfers smell like food?

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