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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A day.

Again, unable to commute without wheels or adequate public transport, so I spent the day reading in the coffee shop (La Reunion of great vegan soup fame) and the Triangle Park. A beautiful day-I went back and forth between reading and just gazing at the beauty of Forest Park in September. Tough day, right? Well, it would be heaven except that, Protestant boy that I guess I still am, I feel guilty about "skipping work." I'll be happy to get back into the groove of work, but since I can't get to work I may as well take full advantage of the situation.

Also I already miss Twelfth Night. Backstage on that show had everything I could want from life-good conversation with smart people, cute women, funny kids, Shakespeare and some good acting seeping in from onstage. I'm going to have to come out swinging when I return to work, and really impress my bosses with how well I'm doing on the job, and to do that I can't afford to have theatre draining my attention and energy, but I intend to get back in the theatre just as soon as I can.

So, back to the good stuff. Still working on Things Fall Apart. The White Man has shown up, and it's telling that the instant converts to Christianity are the goofballs and screwups of society. Also read the first volume of Mome and the latest of Drawn and Quarterly, two art-comics anthologies. Both were full of tasty stories; perhaps I'll provide a review or something later.

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