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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Church and all like that

Today I actually got up in time to attend church for the first time since they got the new building (it's been over two years; sheesh!) On the way over I heard an NPR interview with a linguistics professor who suspects "No Child Left Behind" ties into the rapture notion of "Left Behind." It seemed pretty outragiously paranoid to me, but my tendency to give the Bush administration credit for basic not-being-full-of-sewage has mislead me before.

Anyway church was great. Friendly people, some of whom I knew but didn't know attended UU. Excellent music (according to their website the music leader/pianist teaches at Montevallo-her Debussy was delightful!) The guest preacher read a Lord Dunsany article (speaking of writers who both influenced and surpassed Lovecraft) and spoke about the gains and losses we made when we switched from polytheism to monotheism. My kinda church.

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