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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Brrr. I remember a few years back I deliberately lived without heat because I loved the cold-the extreme cold-so much. I felt like all the heat of summer became trapped in me, and only extreme chill could empty me of the heat. I guess my blood has thinned and I'm an Alabama person now. I find I actually still like the cold, but I need more protection from it than in days past. At least I've been getting to work earlier lately since it's easier to sleep in when it's hot and muggy, but easier to get up early when it's crisp.

The other week I was about to microwave something when I saw that a big roach had gotten into my microwave. (That's another advantage of cold weather; the bugs disappear.) Although I'm a big slob I do try to keep a hygenic kitchen, but there's not much of a buffer between the outside world and my kitchen and so the little horrors get in. I'm against inflicting pointless torment on any life form; I don't even kill most bugs, but just leave them be or scoot them outside. But I've heard all the stuff about how invurnerable roaches are to radiation, etc., so I figured just this once, in the interest of science... Now I'm dubious about those stories one hears regarding how roaches will survive a nuclear holocaust, because this thing was cooked in seconds.

The worst part? Cooked roach actually smells pretty good.

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