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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mechanical elephants and sissy aprons-together at last.

The people have spoken, and they demand Sissy Apron. A few months ago I made fleeting mention of aprons and sissies, and that fleeting reference to a charmingly odd fetish has pulled in the Google searchers in a way that, say, yakking about Birmingham Alabama theatre doesn't. I feel a bit sorry that I don't really have anything to offer the sissy apron crowd. Someone suggested I write smutty stories on my blog, but since I mostly blog on the clock I suspect I'm pushing it as far as I dare already.

Speaking of Google, I recently remembered a children's book I once read about two children who drove a mechanical elephant around. I Googled "Mechanical-elephant children's book" and got a bazillion references, none of which were about the book I was looking for. Mechanical elephants would appear to be one of those topics that you could go your whole life without considering, yet which are lurking just around a lot of corners.

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