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Monday, June 16, 2008

Final Weekend

Highlights of my final weekend as a resident in Birmingham (Generously extending the Weekend to Thursday to snag The Music Man):

Spending it with my girlfriend.

Getting all my belongings packed or donated to Goodwill.

Seeing musical theatre (Center Stage's production of the aforementioned Music Man) and straight (so to speak) theatre (Torch Song Trilogy). How apropos to close out with both flavors of theatre... and both shows had plenty of my friends and acquaintances in it, so yay!

Seeing Andy and Tommy's revised digs. I have bathroom envy.

Getting to holla at several key readers of this here blog (although I was a bit out of focus for reasons which will become clear in the final item)

Cutting off a Hummer, which has the same effect on me that owning a Hummer has on people who own Hummers; a totally stupid lizard-brain affirmation of one's dubious manhood. My approach is cheaper, if more dangerous.

Getting salmonella or something, vomiting three times in eight hours, and driving my girlfriend to the airport. Wait, that was a lowlight.


FLT3 said...

Aaron, I hope you will continue to post from your new locale...even though we might go weeks without seeing each other, I will miss knowing you're in Bham...hope you visit often, and best of luck in this new stage of your life.

Thanks for coming to Music Man. It was great to see you!

Keep in touch!

Your Friend,

Aaron White said...

Oh, I'll keep posting! And I hope to drop by the 'Ham from time to time, and I'll certainly catch some shows when I do. I hope ya'll keep checking my blog from time to time... if my 'Ham readers abandon ship, it'll just be me and all these Sissy apron fans.

Jonathan said...

It was good seeing y'all on Saturday. Good luck with the move. -jg