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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Loot the joint

I moved out of my apartment Saturday, and due to my l'il Saturn's spacial limitations I left behind a ton of stuff. I also left the door unlocked, so if you want a souvenir of the Aaron in B'ham years, quick, drop by before Tuesday when my rental period expires and take anything you want. A lot of junk, but some good stuff too. Bring a truck and you could drive off with some furniture. Plenty of books too. Get it before Goodwill or my realtor does!

The front door is always locked but often propped open. 3903-A Clairmont ave.


FLT3 said...

Aaron, as skeevy as it sounds, I may go by and root through your cast-off posessions, if only for a souveneir (sp?) of your Bham days.

Aaron White said...

Go for it!