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Monday, June 02, 2008

The final month

I just gave notice to my realtor that July will be my last month in the apartment I've dwelt in since the pre-Lewinsky era. I've moved most of my stuff to Laurie's lovely mill house in NC, but I look around my apartment and wonder how I'm going to get all this stuff moved or removed. I'm gonna have to give away some stuff that's useful but not worth moving. From toilet paper spools to cheap TV and a nice but replaceable chair and ottoman, gotta get rid of 'em.

Selling a bed too. I'll miss my lovely mattress, but it's too small for two and I don't wanna move it.


Jonathan said...

We'll have to have a goodbye party. What is the actual date of your departure? We can surely get some people together and hit the town sometime before you leave.

Aaron White said...

I'm not sure what my actual last day will be, but since I've arranged to be homeless in the 'Ham at the end fo the year I suppose the last week of the month is my last week in town. That's about as precise as I can get right now, but I certainly keep you posted! Thanks for taking an interest, hoss.

Aaron White said...

That made no sense because I didn't proofread. "end fo the year" should read "end of the month."