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Monday, March 26, 2007

Snake Id'a Bit Me!

I had a pretty groovy weekend. My ongoing efforts to cleanse my apartment of several years' slovenly sloppiness is bearing fruit, in the form of, uh, a less grody apartment. I went out, priced some shelving and storage units, came back, looked around, and realized that I already have shelving and storage units that simply aren't being efficiently used. It's amazing what you start noticing when you start looking. I have a fresh energy, a new drive; this sense that I'm remaking my living quarters brings with it a corresponding confidence that I'm remaking my life. I worked for Stanley Steemer for a year, and by dealing with customers and sniffing around their homes I came to the conclusion that you can find out most of what you need to know about anyone by checking out their living quarters. If that's true, and I still think it is, then reworking one's living quarters really does go hand in hand with reworking one's life.

I've been watching the A & E miniseries of Magnificent Ambersons in installments; it's got some lovely acting, costumes and sets, although the cinematics of it are sustantially more polite than Orson Welles'. I've yet to read the darn novel, but having recently enjoyed Orson's radio adaptation of the novel as well, I'm quite eager to. As all the adaptations say, and so I'm presuming the novel says as well, our lives are indeed like smoke, and time is the sky into which the smoke fades. And our money and our lives are alike; we look back and wonder where it all went.

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