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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good Night!

Last night I had a very pleasant walk; heard someone playing harmonica on their porch as I passed by. A welcome sound; my Dad dabbles in harmonica. Once he had to make lunchtime announcements before a church camp group. They wouldn't get focused, so he played a tune on his harmonica, they all started clapping, and he had their attention for the rest of the announcements.

I came home to find that the director of the show I just auditioned for had called to offer me the part I wanted! Limping Man in Fuddy Meers, here I come!

Then I watched a movie called Daisies, and it's totally dope. It's like a New Wave mash-up of Little Rascals and the Monkees, with two cute bratty young women as the protaganists. It's full of creative surprises, and it's a hoot. The girls get a really ambiguous comeuppance that leaves me wondering what the director (a woman with a complicated Eastern European name) really thinks of the rightness or wrongness of the girls' antics. Fer cryin' out loud, check this movie out.

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FLT3 said...

As always, great posting...I finally got up off my arse and updated my blog...check it out. I even gave you credit for inspiring me...