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Friday, March 09, 2007

The Hardships of Life on the Road

For some reason the trip to Nashville this coming weekend has been preying on my mind; I'm not used to travel, and my usual rule of thumb is to never do a show anywhere I can't walk to. Nashville violates that rule by a nasty margin. I always get lost when I go anywhere outside of Jefferson County, we're on a tight schedule... you can see the potential for trouble here.

Anyway, please notice I've been adding labels to this blog, so if you want to read, say, all my posts about theatre, you can live that dream. (It's not done yet though). It's distressing how many posts are filed under "boo hoo," representing all my weepy self-pitying posts. I don't think of myself as a weepy or self-pitying person, but the labels speak for themselves. So I'm going to make this the last Boo Hoo post for a nice long time.

A relationship recently flared up out of nowhere and after a burst of heat has cooled into a distant friendship. That's not a bad thing, per se; one more good friendship than I had before, and a lot of overdue personal growth has been triggered by the brief attempt at, well, at figuring out what it was about. But I'm finding the cooling process to be awfully distressing; I'm just a little boy who wants his mommy. That's true of every guy, but we have to learn to modulate it, don't we?

Okay, that's my last boohoo moment. For now.

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