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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I lived on Signal Mountain near Chattanooga for quite a while. I haven't been back since before 9/11 (there's no connection there; just using it as a reference point). I hear they've really fixed the city up, and I'm curious to go see it, as well as to visit D and T (if they'll forgive me for my blogsnark) and the old church (which I don't think is aware of my blogsnark). Anyway, I recently was gripped by... I wouldn't call it nostalgia, since that implies a pleasurable yearning that doesn't apply here. Call it curiosity about what's happened to folks I used to know. So it's time for the pathetic googlesearch; everyone does it but we hate to admit it. Results:

Bawdy guitar-slinging Italian buddy: Married with children; wife's blog has tons of happy-looking family snapshots. I'm glad things worked out for him.

Brainy but lazy fat nerd buddy: only found one thing; a really unhappy-looking snapshot from a tech college website where he's apparently a student. unshaved, very sour expression, fatter than ever. I'm sorry things haven't worked out for him.

Brainy ambitious gothnerd buddy: no net-record except a mention on a role-playing game database for a contribution he made to an old White Wolf gamebook years ago. He has a distinctive name but I couldn't find him. His Internet presence may be "Darth Adamantium" or "Overlordius Illuminatus" or some such.

Actress with whom I did a play and had a brief chaste fling: OMG I can't remember her name. We were in a play that was a big local hit back around 1998 or so, but there's no record of it online. It seemed to make such a big splash, but it seems to live only in the memory. Even the theatre that staged it has no record of it on their website, which doesn't seem interested in being a historical record.

Other actress from the same play: now a DJ on a Chattanooga radio station (which plays the Clash and Depeche Mode). Full stage name includes my middle name (Galen) as her last name because she liked it. I'm flattered.

Lead actor from the same play: Still a dentist, occasionally pops up in locally produced short films, had small role in full-length film that got horrible reviews and sank beneath the waves.

Girl I was in dopey, unrequited high-school love with: runs a lot of marathons.

Her friend with whom I fought all the time for reasons I hesitate to contemplate, but with whom I made up after we both matured a bit: has a really common name and I can't find her.

I wanna emphasise that I'm not out to reestablish contact with these people. I don't miss Chattanooga and I have a fine net of friends here. I just want to know who's gone down what roads...

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Eccentricly Dull said...

Oh the lost chaste crushes.. Sigh..