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Friday, February 29, 2008

Sleep dust

I am weary. I've kicked up a lot of dust lately while trying to clean my apartment, and it seems to have kicked my allergies into overdrive. Plus I slept poorly last night. But I'm gonna try to drive to Kannapolis tonight. I'll arrive well after midnight. Laurie has offered to talk me in on the phone to keep me awake. Not that phoning while driving is a recommended way to improve driving safety...

Speaking of which, according to science.com the Mars watchers who thought they saw water flowing on that ol' red planet now realize it was a glitter dust avalanche instead. They are sad cuz they wanted water. I think avalanches of silvery dust are interesting in their own right. Once again some folks want life (or things which might contribute to it) on Mars, and I'd rather revel in the aridness of it.

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