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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Although Laurie makes awesome breakfasts, one day we went to breakfast at the diner in Kannapolis. She craved pancakes but had no mix. And (here's the key thing) she smuggled in blueberries.

I didn't notice if she used any syrup (Aunt Jemima... Laurie has been known to buy real high-octane maple syrup, but the diner just had Aunt Jemima), but with those berries who needs syrup?

I've always been nervous about sneaking one's own food into a restaraunt, fearing that the staff would take offence and give me the bum rush. What an absurd fear.

Then we walked around the block to the Memorial Park for Dale Ernhardt. Neither one of us care about NASCAR, but it's a lovely park, and Dale's big statue is quite appealing.


Saw some good theatre there. Saw some unappetizing theatre there. Really extreme. Really good or really not.

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