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Monday, February 25, 2008

My Secret Shame #775

When I first got my apartment I felt unshackled from all those bothersome rules of cleanliness, including those about hanging up one's clothes. I soon had a nasty mound of dirty clothes in an alcove closet between the bathroom and the hall. It turned into many connected mounds. Some nice clothes (that my parents bought me) wound up in that pile, and some of them stayed there until I decided I'd rather not bother with them... better to clean the same week's worth of clothes over and over, and let the surplus sit. Which it did. For years.

My girlfriend may be in North Carolina, but she still has her house here in the 'Ham. She's renting it out and the new tenant moves in on March 1. I have until then to use Laurie's laundry machines (with her blessing) to see how much of this musty old clothing can be saved. The next time those of you who know me see me, I may be wearing some clothes you've never seen before. I may also smell like a basement. I can't trust my sense of smell, so for cryin' out loud, spray me with lysol if you think it needs doing.

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