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Friday, February 15, 2008

I Can Appolis!

I am in the quaint little Town of Kannapolis, just north of Charlotte NC, where my sweetie lives now. There's a cute little movie theatre (Haven't been in yet, but the old fashioned marquee is to die for) and a teensy diner with not-too-adorable fifties decor, a waitress witha brassy voice, and country ham biscuits.

Last night we went to a play: Edmund by David Mamet. A smart, stylish production. I'm happy to find good theatre here, but gloomy to discover it's more volunteer theatre. Still, one of the cast members has worked on Arrested Development, my fave sitcom, so it's possible to live here yet do pro work. Somehow... I was tempted to stay and pick brains after the show, but we were sleepy and as usual laziness won out over ambition. For the same reason, I'll stop posting here for the time being.

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FLT3 said...

NC is a great state! I know there's a lot of film work going on in Wilmington. I spent two GREAT summers working at "The Lost Colony," an outdoor drama in Manteo. You might want to see if they have had auditions yet.