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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Third Post of the Day: did I mention that Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford Sucks?

From this Alabama News article Re: Langford's regressive sales tax increase:

Olivia Thompson, a former city bus driver forced to leave her job because of a disability, said she lives on just $607 a month.

"They're saying one penny's just one penny," the West End resident said. "It's not just one penny if they double and triple taxes for business owners. That's going to spill over to us, and we won't even be able to afford food stamps."

Langford, who dropped in for about 10 minutes of the evening meeting and took the microphone, dismissed such fears.

"If a penny's going to break you, you're already broke anyway, so don't worry about it," he told the cheering crowd.

What a callous little man. A domed stadium might be a good idea, but don't put the burden on those least able to bear it.

It's the cheering crowd that gets me, though. Birmingham is dumb. Dumb like a frog.


Anonymous said...

Larry's ok. Just give him a chance. The taxes will go towards city improvements that will hopefully bring B'ham into the 20th century. (Yes, I realize it's the 21st century now, but B'ham needs to get into the 20th before they shoot for the 21st).

By the way, thanks for the mention. Funhouse was a fun show to do, but it was a lot of work to produce it and promote it, etc..., not to mention the acting part. Good luck with your show/monologues. VST is a great location, as long as you can sell enough tickets to pay the rental fee.

Aaron White said...

It's not like I'm against taxes; I just wish he'd put his wild-man money where his mouth is and raise up a progressive tax that will put the bulk of the burden on those who can carry it.

My one-man action will be less ambitious than yours, even if I don't lose interest halfway through. Just a monologue to try out at open-mike or something. Spaulding Gray is my hero, even if he did flake out and kill himself.

Laurak29 said...

We do not need a damn domed stadium. For cryin out loud.