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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Theatre Surplus

Wow, there's a lot of theatre going on. How are po' folks supposed to keep up? In addition to which I'd like to see a lot of musical acts and dance recitals in town, but it's no use: I got to save if I'm gonna buy a Christmas. I've decided that 2008 needs to be the year I get serious about uprooting. I love Birmingham, but if I wanna make some kind of living as an actor I'd better get out of my cozy B'ham burrow and move along.

I'm told that cities with strong pro theatres have much less in the way of community theatre. I guess that means fewer shows to keep up with. I love having a vibrant and viral theatre scene, although it's no Chicago on the improv front.... Having one big pro theatre owning it all would be an interesting switch from startup theatre groups putting on a show in every other walk-in closet.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of going to Chicago, as are Russ and Maree... and Mike Leslie has lived up there for a few years. It's a great theatre town. Chicago has it's own equity theatre contract called the CAT (Chicago Area Theatre) contract... and there are lots and lots of small professional theatre in Chicago, and some larger professional theatres. The good thing is that the CAT theatre scene is almost like a community theatre scene, but you get paid, and there is always a chance of getting in with the bigger theatres. Anyway... that's my 2 cents.

Aaron White said...

I keep trying to decide between trying for the Actors' Theatre in Louisville, the Alabama Shakespeare Fest, or Chicago. If I stay in the South I'm more convienient to family, and I'm not dying of cold. But I need to make the move before I die...