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Friday, November 16, 2007

Birmingham, Alabama has the Mayor it deserves.

The winner of the new Platinum Douchebag for Excellence in Sucking is Birmingham's new mayor, Larry Langford, for proposing a sales tax increase to pay for the products of his synapse misfirings. Please help me hate him for pushing this regressive tax. Why does he like regressive, poor-people-punishing taxes so much? What is he, a Republican or something?


Anonymous said...

I actually kind of like Langford. At least he's doing something. Birmingham has been left in the dust by cities such as Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and many others, simply because we never do anything. We just sit here and let all the business, sports, recreation... everything... go to other cities. It's about time for a mayor that will actually attempt to move the city into the 21st century. Unfortunately it will take a lot of work.

Aaron White said...


Kyle sticks the boot in. Lately Kyle's devoted every column to pounding Langford, but Birmingham wants Langford, so Birmingham gets Langford. We're gonna be one of those cities with colorful mayors, that's for sure.

I thought if you were gonna respond to my latest posts it would be the cell phone screed!