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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Like Us

Today the Workplace lunch bunch (which is to say, my coworkers who eat hot stinky nasty food at their desks) are really in top form. The smell of what appears to be dog fried in mayonnaise has been assaulting my nostrils for two hours. I am a peaceloving person, so I shall seek the inner strength to live through this. Which is not to say that the fantasy of microwaving a bowel movement and just letting it sit on my desktop hasn't crossed my mind.

* * *

Last night I watched a good portion of the DVD The 70s Dimension courtesy of Netflix. You gotta see this. 70s era commercials, public service announcements, and remixes of the same by such artists asPeople Like Us. The ads are more basic versions of the same cheap emotional pornography that is the stock in trade of advertising today. These back pages of media history are kind of like seeing your relatives in their underwear. I wonder what happened to the endearing muscleman who pitches cheap exercise gear? I'm serously considering learning the "When you're out of Schlitz, you're out of beer" announcer's spiel as an audition piece.


Anonymous said...

Great Aaron... first the demolition of the Booth makes me feel old, and now 70's commercial jingles are making me feel older. How about "just for the fun of it... Diet Coke". I swear that was on tv, like... what... a few weeks ago maybe? Nope... early 80's. Ugghhhh....

Aaron White said...

I'm an oldster, you're and oldster, he's an oldster, she's an oldster, wouldn't you like to be an oldster too?