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Monday, November 05, 2007

Fire up that furnace; it's cold this morning.

We're doing some TV promotion for our Shakespeare At Sloss thing: we have to show up at 6:15 in the freakin' morning this Wednesday to tape our segment. I begged off, claiming work conflict, but the only real conflict is that I want to be snug in my bed at 6:15 in the freakin' AM.

Then I thought about what a professional actor has to do in order to get and keep jobs, and I told the bosses that I will show up after all. Although they said they could work around me (and indeed, Horatio isn't exactly the linchpin of the scene) it would work better with me there, and I expect once I get past the heartache of getting up early on a cold morning I'll quite enjoy Sloss at sunrise, doing a little Shakespeare for the B'ham public, and working with some of B'ham's top thespian talent. John, our Hamlet, is a joy to hear every time he intones his lines. Another chapter in my struggle between ambition on the one hand and laziness+infantilism on the other has been penned.

The other day I got to watch some of my favorite folks rehearse a bit of Lear in another part of the park, and it was a thrill. I'm glad they're taping the performances for an eventual documentary on the Shakespeare at Sloss adventure.


FLT3 said...


I really appreciated the MY FAIR LADY poster...weird, but cool.

Do you have Shakespeare this weekend? I'll try to come.

By the way...what kind of funky shit you been doin' on that blanket? Something tells me that girl ain't clean...I'm just sayin...


Aaron White said...

The Shakespeare is Nov. 11 only. And admission is $50 freakin' bucks, so I don't expect folks to show up. At these prices you're not paying for this show; you're paying a micro-patronage towards the next big show. This show and the wine and cheese thing afterwards are more a thank you. It's like a fundraising dinner; you're not paying these prices for the meal!

As for the blanket, any reasonable person would realise that putting an unwashed blakey in a sealed plastic bag was asking for an offensive septic blowback. Where's my duncecap?

Aaron White said...

"Blakey" means blanket.