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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Let's build a Snow Squid!

It snowed quite a bit the other night. I can't decide which I like better: the Currier and Ives view out every window, or the concert of eery dripping, slushing, sloughing sounds I hear every time I step outside... the gentle harmonies of melting and sliding snow.

* * *

And the nerd grapevine tells me SPOILER WARNING that the squid isn't in that Watchmen movie. I don't know whether to commend the filmmakers for shaking things up or wag my finger at them for dropping one of the elements of the story that I found most distressing on my first reading. Aah, their checks will cash the same either way. I suspect they didn't wanna give aid and comfort to the 9/11 Truthers.

Someone should make a buddy movie where the squid and Old Tom Bombadil go on a road trip to Hollywood, bent on vengeance.

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