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Friday, March 20, 2009

Intelligences Flat, Crude and Unsympathetic

The Mars Institute, a non-governmental organization, wants to drive a Humvee around on Mars. I suppose the thinking is that if there really is any kind of life on Mars, it's vitally important that Humanity render it extinct with pollution, habitat destruction, and tread marks. In order to assist in this process I suggest we send everyone with a Hummer to Mars.


Matthew S. said...

um...pollution on mars would be a good thing, because it would cause the planet to have a greenhouse effect which it needs. Although the hummer might inadvertently crush life on mars I suppose.

Aaron White said...

Why does Mars need a greenhouse effect? It seems to be doing okay without one.

Matthew S said...

Well I take your point, the green house effect would be good if it is assumed that we would eventually colonize the thing. Which obviously not everyone agrees with. I personally think that life there should be preserved, but I dont have any problem with life from here extending out into the solar system. Still arguments aound on both sides of that