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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Clod and his Podcasts

I'm working in the garden a bit, and I need pleasant podcasts. Nice people discussing matters of moderate interest. I haven't cast my net very far, but I've found a few:

The University of Minnesota's Science Fiction and Fantasy literature audiolessons. Okay, they never once mention Mervyn Peake, and the audio quality is kinda ramshackle, but the former is (just) forgivable and the latter makes the audiospace that much cozier.

Motion Picture Purgatory. Cartoonist Rick Trembles' NSFW website is on my links list; he does comics-format movie reviews. He also did this audio series with Michael Will for a while, and I enjoy listening to their fannish, cranky, idiosyncratic reviews. I got to meet Rick Trembles in Montreal last summer, and he was full of good info and anecdotes about odd comics and flicks. I instantly picked him out from the crowd because he looks exactly the way he draws himself. Burn brightly, Rick Trembles. (P. S. His book of comics, Motion Picture Purgatory, occupies a special place on my bookshelf. Buy one so his publisher will do a second volume.)

Retrobits Podcast show 60. I looked for podcasts about Zork, the old computer game, and found this. The guy behind it doesn't have anything to tell that I didn't already know, but the last section where he and his little boy play the game is heartwarming.

Winecast. I know little about wine, but I kinda enjoy listening to wine talk. When I start to take too much pleasure in the tranquil intimacy of host Tim Elliot's on-air wine-tasting sipping sounds, I know I've gotten too much sun and it's time to stop gardening for the day.

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