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Thursday, February 19, 2009


I apologise to my regular readers for the self-pitying, narcissistic nature of my last post. I hope you will forgive this rare lapse into self-absorbed crybabyness on my part. I know you don't read this blog to find out about my puny obsessions, fixations, and neuroses, which is why I have heretofore refrained from posting about such matters. I assure each and every one of you that the preceding lapse into self-obsessed, solipsistic upper-class white boy whimpering was not only the first, but the last such lapse this board will see.

Also, no more confabulating. I mean it.

I guess everyone has moments of self-doubt. Do you suppose Count Dante ever considered the possibility that he might only be the fourth or fifth deadliest man alive? Could it be that Sam Sacks ever questioned the long-term viability of his musical career? Might the guys at this website ever have questioned their ability to clearly express their views without undermining the complexity of their critical insights?

Okay, one last promise: I'm going to continue my policy of no cheap snarking on easy targets. That's the Aaron White Promise.

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