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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ambiguous audition

Suppose you audition for a play.

Suppose the director gathers all the auditionees in the theatre and has everybody read from the script in front of each other.

The director tells you the Official Mandatory Audition Lie. You know the Lie I mean; "After the first round of readings we're going to ask some of you to drag your talentless carcasses off the premises before we have you arrested for loitering, but (here comes the lie part) just because we dismiss you doesn't mean you are no longer up for consideration".

Yeah yeah yeah, we all know better, but hey.

Some folks are excellent, some are terrible, and most are somewhere in between. The expected blend of A to F students.

You think you're pretty good. The "audience" (to the extent that your fellow auditionees can be considered an audience) seems to enjoy your work. You feel that your read is smart, funny, energetic, idiosyncratic but still widely accessible.

So, they ask the F and D students, as it were, to leave. And to your surprise they ask the B students to leave. And they ask you to leave. As you file out you see the obvious A students still there, but also the C students. Some good people were dismissed, and some (to your eyes) uninspiring people were retained.

So, there you are on the sidewalk with the D and F students. And the B students. And you.

Calculate your emotional response. Show your work.

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