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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Always more people

What does it say about me that I regard Netflix's 500 movie queue limit as constraining, but regard a couple dozen Facebook Friends as just enough?

Once I was a little too fond of a movie called Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer. It was an anime movie based on a long-running comedy series about a silly alien girl who romances/torments a goofy schoolboy. The series as a whole is all about lightwieght hijinks, but this particular film was written and directed by Mamoru Ishii, who's sort of like an aphasic Antonioni. So it came off a bit somber. Anyway, in this film the gang of schoolkids who make up the bulk of the series' cast find that everyone else has disappeared, and they have the run of the city. Being alone with a small group of friends is presented as an ambiguous situation, but at the time I found it a desirable fantasy.

Nowadays I much prefer the openness of the world, in which new relationships are always possible because there are always more people to meet, but on Facebook I find myself reverting to my "just me and my handpicked buddies" mode.

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