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Friday, April 27, 2007

Candle Light and Soul Forever

T'other night I finally made it out to McAnally's pub (yes, that's the name) to see my buddy Chris and some other roustabouts do standup. It was a casual affair due to the low turnout, but while the material was painfully uneven the comics were all genial types who knew how to make that personal connection which, according to Woody Allen at least, is what people mainly seek from a comic. A guy billed as Super-King was particularly genial and amusing, even when the gags were flat. It was less "Laaf-Out Loud Comedy" than it was "Pleasantly amusing guys talk to you." I've had worse nights. There was karaoke after the show. A cute young couple toyed with the vintage rap number "It Takes Two," and while it wasn't good rappin' it was a high-spirited demonstration of playful and affectionate relationship dynamics. I love it when people who really care about each other get up and sing together, even when it's as bad as this stuff usually is.

I sang "Survivor" by Destiny's Child and "2 Become 1" by Spice Girls. Darn it, I gotta start singing songs for guys. I can sing these songs, just not in the set keys. Even when I sing along with the recordings I sound okay to my ears, but the karaoke tracks always seem to be pitched so I have to keep flipflopping my octave range. Boo!

Plus I'm tired of getting beat up in the parking lot.

P.S. I'm unapologetically putting a "theatre" label on this post cuz standup is a variation on the theme. Plus inflating my number of "Theatre" posts makes me feel like more of a theatre person.

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