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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Spiders like Bugs

I saw Spiderbaby last night (yeah, for Valentine's Day. What more commentary do you need on my love life? VD is a phoney holiday anyway, whipped up by merchants for their own sakes, not ours, but it still serves as an interestingly high pressure referendum on everybody's love lives. I tried for love a little while back but I'm not ready... it's largely a matter of arrested development. I used to mock my buddy and college roommate Matthew for his skirt-chasing, but while I was hanging back and learning nothing about relationships, he was learning by doing. Now he's all happily married and such. There are teenagers who know more about the delicate art of sharing lives than I do. The semi-hermit life is bunk and I'm chucking it just ASAP).

Oh yeah, Spiderbaby. It's awesome. It's like The Addam's Family or The Munsters, except it doesn't flinch from the darker possibilities of such a scenario. It lopes along amusingly for about an hour, then in the last twenty minutes it builds to a frenzy. I really respond to stories of normal folks entering the lair of humanity's screwups; Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a prime example (I almost wrote "prime cut") and this is another. "You should hate her!"

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