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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


It's the Virginia Sister's Birthday! Let's wish her a happy one.

I finally joined the 21st century and got a Netflix account. I may never go outside again. Whether I want to see a three-strip Technicolor musical, a cheezy European vampire flick, or an impenetrable art movie, my wish is their command.

When I'm not trying to figure out what inscrutable Chilean director Raul Ruiz is getting at, I'm cleaning my apartment. Anyone who's experienced the Grey Gardens decor of my crib-sized crib will appreciate what a lifestyle shift this represents. I'm serious about this endeavor. It's time to have an apartment I can feel comfortable sharing with others. The mess was so bad it was like a keep-out sign, and I don't want to keep people out anymore.

Also, I'm in a cabaret. I play Howard Dean, and my whole schtick with it can be summarized in my line "When has the Democratic Party ever let you down?" I sing a little, do a little transitional stuff, and otherwise sit back and enjoy.

Don't have time to dig any deeper; just didn't want the blog to get too dusty!


The Virginia Sister said...

My first blog birthday wish! What more could I ask for?

Aaron White said...

Honey, if getting pseudonymous shout-outs on dopey blogs represents the pinnacle of your ambitions, you should be glad you met me, because I got plenty of that to give. Not much else though.