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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Big Bad

Someone (don't remember who, and a cursory Google doesn't help)said that when watching horror movies viewers identify with both Red Riding Hood and the wolf. That's part of why I love movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and its first sequel. I find plenty to identify with in both the victims and the sick, sad family they go up against. Ever since I spent a year working for Stanley Steemer, going into peoples' homes and, y'know, dealing with a diverse array of people, many of them cracked or curdled, I completely identify with the protaganists going into the home of Leatherface et al. But I also identify with Leatherface, a sad, lonely, mentally deficient hillbilly who ain't been raised right. And I related to the barbeque chef who seems okay until you get to know him, a man who wants to fit in with decent people, but also wants to eat them.


Anonymous said...

You don't want to eat people, do you Aaron?

Aaron White said...

Not in the literal sense...