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Friday, February 02, 2007

The Silm-Oh Really?-on

Warning: the title of this post is a laboured joke that only unreconstructable fantasy nerds will get. I'm not even a Tolkien fan... Mervyn Peake, please.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say in my defense that I didn't buy the DND Cartoon DVD box set about which I posted yesterday in the naive belief that I would enjoy these cartoons in the way I did as a child. This wasn't about reliving childhood pleasures, but trying to figure out how those childhood pleasures shaped me. I think the distinction is crucial, but Gygax don't care; the check cashes the same either way.

Another, vaguely related point: the stuff I post about on the blog isn't usually what's foremost on my mind, and I suspect that's pretty common. Vanity websites like this seem to be more like backyard playgrounds than bully pulpits for some of us. Today I'm not thinking about DND cartoons; I'm thinking about the Virginia Sister. But I'm posting about the DND Cartoon. Go figure.

A few years back our college Dungeon Master (that's a Dungeons and Dragons referee, not a dominatrix) became a father, and almost immediately he was busily constructing an exaustive website about the history of our old games. Character sheets, everything. I can dig it.

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