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Monday, February 05, 2007

Cut Up.

A three-song lyric cutup:

you, grind you, don't know what
We can make to you
You movin' much with me
Please sing tomorrow's song
Never grace
Hear the thunder right there, made glow is long now
In the sidestreet but it seems taking
So many plans my mind completely
Please day long
While we you just don't the wheel, but my breath
Hit me know
Winds of change past due

Morning glow on my back up?
Baby boy, make know you can't startin' to believe on me deep come
Or is it the difference of morning glow
Starts to with me
Please leave, Hard, make me down
Stop staring please go now
Now much pain
When the
Now the world whole land through
Morning liked you, tried get my groove
Is just another shower? just can't prove
Take revolutionary falls from glow is long you asked me
Grabbed leave, just go breath
Bring the noise, all you're worth
We'll me

Two things I just go away
Before breath
Bring the noise, Why won't my in the right can't find you

I'm glow, I'd like protection
So put it of the night
Will I can already that I'm way Can you keep be so strong
But to give affection?
You're where believing you this hour
So long?
Now and I need me lose my get tha steppin'
At last!
baby now I past
Morning glow is rain
Not too many ghosts are waking
So deep when you a man and to help you just another shower?
by your light to
Now you wanna bright
And the phantoms a partna that and shine for
Now I see be present at Hah)
Can you keep got me
Gave you Hah)

I put it morning glow all many hours from you boo, so tryin' to give mama teach you make me lose facts that I'm you to get fade into the half way and started long ago

So, make me lose staring down at at the ground
I and his wife
Are the floor

Not too nothing's sacred anymore hear your tune
Calling you can't drive hour
So long?
The storm something's moving
Look around, can practically see grow

We should have is still
When ancient hands stop shaking
When up?
Baby boy, make need making
I think away
Before I lose it easy for I lose my is too much now it's very all the earth meets me only you
Walls are tumbling you
Moved so fast the new day have a clue
Didn't act like ya comes
Or is it I will

Morning glow, swim
Need a lifeguard many steps need door
You'll still be could satisfy me, to do
After I lose my (Hah faith looking new
Morning me across the knew we could are set to glimmer when you past due

Oh, morning leave, just go don't like when mind completely
Just leave, an adolescent
It ain direction

You understand the lose my Hah done everything that me lose my again
Not enough pleasure
Too so slow like blow
And sweep this almost here
Morning glow come through
All them me out so in your brain
Not your face
And another breaking down your my breath
Hit me world is too Hard, make me you
All that talk enough sunshine
Too much lies like you the storm has I tryin' to clear

Morning glow is fill the earth
Come too much for like it can't
When the demon's the birth
Of old hours from this room
When the world look around
All around I will
I think


The Virginia Sister said...

I know one of the three songs, what are the other two? Please?

Aaron White said...

The other two are "Swamp Thing" by Chameleons UK and "Lose my Breath" by Destiny's Child.