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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Singin' and Silicone

I'm about to audition for a professional childrens' theatre gig. Relearning "Ladies in their Sensitivities" and trying to recall what Andrew Gainey would say about my practice runs on it. The cat is not pleased to have me banging on a keyboard and making loud sounds to which he is unaccustomed, but the stakes are too high to worry about a cat's aesthetic judgements.

Congrats to longtime reader J. Goldstein, who's seeking his fortune in the Big Apple! Break legs, hoss. (That's right, the tables have turned... I'm reading your blog now.)

And since I know most of my readers are musical fans, I've included a link to some catchy industrial musical mp3s. I've been singing snatches of "False Economy" all day, to Laurie's non-delight.

Courtesy WFMU, an industrial musical of note.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks man. Not leaving until October. Looking forward to it.