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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I just did my first audition in North Carolina. All I had to do was sing 16 bars. I chose "Ladies in Their Sensitivities" from Sweeney Todd, which is right out at the edge of my abilities. I knew I could do an easier song and do pretty well, but I figured that I should demonstrate that I could handle a challenge.

So how did I do?

I dunno. They cut me off in the middle of the song, perhaps because I was bad in some way I wasn't aware of, perhaps because my song is so slow and they wanted to keep things moving. When I perform I find I usually can't usefully evaluate my performance, but I think I did a pretty good version of the song. I'm just not sure whether the impression I made was "Aaron nailed this tricky song" or "Aaron's making measurable progress with this tricky song."

OTOH I was the only man auditioning, but that's not much assurance that I'll get cast. Directors always have little black books full of tried and true local performers...


FLT3 said...

Interesting song choice...I know what you mean about being unable to read the responses in an audition. Which show is being cast? If it happens to be "Kiss Me, Kate" or "A Christmas Carol," I can personally vouch for your abilities.


Aaron White said...

It's Peter Pan. I thought "Ladies..." a song I'd never thought much about outside of working it with Andy Gainey, would show I could handle tricky material...although it may have shown that I can't handle tricky material! Well, maybe it's not all that tricky, but I had a devil of a time coming back to C# over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Make sure to update the blog once the show is cast.

By the way... got my Equity Card yesterday. Just call me Jonathan Miles from now on. There was already a Jonathan Goldstein... so, I had to pick another name.