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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Montreal was an eye-opener; I've spent most of my life in the SouthEastern US, and seeing how different things are up North made me want to travel more, see more, experience more (taste more.)

Getting to be with Laurie again after a week's absence was one highlight. The time apart relarn'd me on just how much I need her. She keeps me from going feral again.

Montreal looks different, sounds different, from anywhere I've ever been. The people look different. Different genetic lines, plus a Frenchier fashion sense, make Montreal as different from Alabama as it is from Mars.

Montreal has tons of free arts and music festivals. There's always free entertainment by top practitioners in the local scene. Thanks for nothing, The South!

I got to spend Saturday hanging with Rick Trembles, a groovy cartoonist and podcaster. If I ran a real blog I would have recorded our conversation for posterity, or at least taken notes. We covered all kinds of oddball movie and cartoon culture stuff, then he showed me some of the dope shops in town.

I hated to leave. The South seems so pokey now.

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