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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Laurie's outta town; heck, outta the country. It's just me and the cat, alone against the evils of Kannapolis. To wit:

1. Birds. I figured the ever-present rabbits would be the main vegetable swipers (BTW The Wallace and Grommit movie, in which our heroes struggle with vegetable-swiping bunnies, is a joy. See it instead of that dreary-looking Batman flick) but our tomato-packed garden has become an enormous bird-feeder. Today I Christoed the whole thing in birdnetting, and this evening the newly ripened tomatoes were in fine, unpecked fettle.

2. Tire slashers. Is it because the mill's closed and there are no jobs, or because it's a sleepy town with little excitement? For whatever reason, someone keeps slashing my girlfriend's tires. My sadistic fantasies of catching and crippling the perp are unlikely to come true.

3. The YMCA. Laurie signed us up for a family account. I had a problem with my account (no photo in the system), they couldn't find me under the phony married name she had given me on the account, and the penny dropped. The desk lady (my neighbour, as it turns out) is delighted; she has triumphed over those who would mock the noble institutions of marriage and the YMCA admissions policy.

4. Unemployment. I didn't get called back for Peter Pan, and I've spent my time finding things like this (courtesy of Cake and Polka Parade.

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FLT3 said...

Kannapolis sounds like Demopolis...in more ways than one...

Several summers ago(oh, about 11 or 12 to be exact...)I was directing a terribly serious little drama called BYE BYE BIRDIE in said hamlet of Demopolis. I drove a convertible at the time, and left the top down during the final (Sunday afternoon) performance. In this sleepy little Mayberry-esque town, I came back to find the cd player literally ripped out of socket, and all my cds (around 100) gone...yep, crime strikes even in the small towns. I took some cold comfort in the fact that the thug would most likely have hated the show tunes and 70's top-40 that comprised 99% of the cd folder...

Hope all is going well.