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Monday, August 13, 2007

Throwing the Bones

Saturday I went to a local Psychic Fair and had a seer Throw the Bones on my behalf. Shut up, it was great. She threw a handful of small talismans onto a scarf and drew mini-ley lines between them to scry out the parameters of my situation. It was actually quite useful. I don't believe there's any supernatural guiding hand behind these things; it's a storytelling system, but taken as such I find it an amusing game, and I firmly believe that a lucid and intuitive storyteller can construct a narrative for me that points out possibilities I hadn't considered. The Seer made me more mindful of the need for hard work and guidance from friends. If she'd just told me to work hard and be open to help from friends, that wouldn't really have stuck; it's easy to shake off good advice. By making a combination game/story of it, though, her advice had sticking power. It didn't hurt that she was HOTT.

Slightly edited to improve grammer (probably not enough, though) and to tell my readers to shut up.

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