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Monday, August 06, 2007

It takes all kinds.

I check local theatre audition listings on a regular basis, and thought this one was amusing. It's pretty obviously someone making smoking fetish movies. I don't have a smoking fetish, but in the interest of egging on such low-key oddball eroticism,
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FLT3 said...

Hmmmm...I think smoking can be sexy, but the rest of the atmosphere has to be right...late night, jazz music, the girl smoking is being flirtatious...you've both had a couple of drinks...(you get the picture.)
On the other hand, just watching a video of some girl sitting there smoking sounds sort of clinical. No sexier than watching her dry her hair (although I'm sure someone somewhere would be turned on by that, too.)

Aaron White said...

I used to spend some time peeking under virtual rocks, finding out what people were into, and the "pretty woman smoking" thing is a big thrill for a few folks out there. I'm guessing it's a niche market; not many people want this kind of video, but the ones who want it want it BAD. Well, God love 'em. There are worse things to get excited over.