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Friday, June 01, 2007


No real post today: after a big comment about L'Eclisse on Diane's blog Your-Russia, I'm done.

Go check Buenaventura Press's catalogue and see if you like anything. They sell art comics and such. I've already got Kramer's Ergot 6, Hunter and Painter, and Spaniel Rage. All are splendid. I covet Elvis Road, everything by Marc Bell, and the other Kramer's Ergots.

Last night I had The Actor's Nightmare. I was in a convoluted but generic musical, didn't know my part, and screwed up the luminous Carl Dean by not being onstage to feed him his cue to start singing his big song. He came backstage and thumped me on the head, which he would never do in real life. I woke up and thought "I guess this means I need to go see Carl Dean with Kristi Tingle-Higginbotham in the Magic City Actor's Theatre production of Evita." And so should you.

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