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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Face Full Of Coolant

Yesterday I was a bit stressed because traffic was STOPPED on the way home. I was stuck on a curving ramp from Highway 459 to 65 North, hoping to get to Fuddy Meers rehearsal on time.

Then I was even more stressed because steam started puffing out from under my hood. I pulled onto the grass. Slowly, slowly, gently, I opened the coolant thing, letting the hiss of pressure die down.

Then I was greatly stressed because the lid came off and I got a faceful of coolant.

Everything worked out okay and I got to rehearsal, but I had to run to the restroom and scrub a bit first. This reminds me; on the first night of rehearsal for How To Succeed a cast member's car got stolen. New theatre tradition: car problems on the first night of rehearsal mean a good show.

Rehearsal, reading through a funny script with funny and friendly people, was exactly what I needed after that experience.

Before going to bed that night I noticed my facial skin had a little more luster. I wonder if it was because I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed with hot water and Oil of Olay, or because the coolant burned off some skin cells.

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